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Rocky Mountain Orthopedics 

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From the baseball diamond to the cubicle, pain in our knees, shoulders or wrists can prevent any of us from performing our best.

Whatever your game, Grand Valley Surgical Center physicians are experts in orthopedic surgical procedures and will have you striking out batters or finishing presentations as soon as possible. Common orthopedic surgeries including arthrocopic procedures such as ACL repair, knee menisectomy or meniscal repair, rotator cuff repair, ankle repair; and, carpal tunnel repair, ganglion cyst removal, bunion removal (bunionectomy) hammertoe correction and neuroma removal and prediatric procedures.

Let us help you get up and moving. We are fully accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, accept most major healthcare coverage providers and are certified by Medicare. Ask your physician today if your orthopedic surgery can be performed at Grand Valley Surgical Center.

Orthopedics Physicians

Richard M Ackerson, MD

Kirk D Clifford, MD *

Christopher J Copeland, DO

Mitchell T Copeland, DO

Mary Beth Deering, MD *

Steven R Gammon, MD

Steven J Heil, MD *

Richard A Knackendoffel, DO

Mark G Luker, MD *

Michael D Rooks, MD*

Peter T Scheffel, MD *

Keenan J Vance, DO

Thea A Wojtkowski, MD

* Indicates physicians who are owners in the Center

  • Ask your physician today if you can have expert, expedient care at Grand Valley Surgical Center.