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Our Surgeons

Expert physicians in your community

The specialists at Grand Valley Surgical Center bring decades of experience providing high-quality, individualized care in their fields. Every physician at Grand Valley Surgical Center is committed to getting your procedure scheduled and performed as safely, quickly and efficiently as possible.


Duane O Hartshorn, MD *

William D Merkel, MD

Jeffrey M Pitcher, MD

Matthew R Swelstad, MD *

Gregory D Urban, MD

Ear, Nose and Throat

Mark C Griffin, MD *

Duane O Hartshorn, MD *

James A Merrell, MD

Michael M Trowbridge, MD *

General Surgery

Stuart H Ackley, MD *

Craig H Andersen, MD *

Brad A Baldwin, DO

Michael T Bradshaw, MD

Charles W Breaux Jr, MD *

Robert S Brooks, MD

James J Hanosh Jr, MD *

Eric J Hanly, MD

Andrew J Morse, DO

Joel W Schaefer, MD *

Daniela J Schupp, MD

Joyce G Sekharan, MD *

Teyen P Shiao, MD

Christopher Wibbelsman, MD


Laurel A Bartholomay, MD

David S Robbins, MD

Traci D Simms, MD


Robert H Fox, MD

Susan R Hemley, MD

Brian P Witwer, MD *


Scott A Czarnecki, MD*

Allen M Grey, MD

Deborah S Lenahan, MD *

Randall J Rottman, MD *


Jeremy S Cox, DMD

Gregory J Hunter, DMD

Stephen S Kelly, DDS

David L Nock, DDS

Kenneth E Perino, DDS


Kirk D Clifford, MD *

Christopher J Copeland, DO

Mitchell T Copeland, DO

Mary Beth Deering, MD *

Steven R Gammon, MD

James S Gebhard, MD

Steven J Heil, MD *

Waqqar B Khan-Farooqi, MD *

Richard A Knackendoffel, DO

Mark G Luker, MD *

Jeffrey M Nakano, MD

Michael T Reeder, DO

Michael D Rooks, MD*

Peter T Scheffel, MD

Keenan J Vance, DO

Thea A Wojtkowski, MD

Pain Management

Kirk D Clifford, MD *

Robert L Frazho, MD *

Steven M Gardner, MD *

Daniel R Nelson, MD *

John E Storheim, DO*

* Indicates physicians who are owners in the Center

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